Transparency from the start

How it all began and why transparent
skin care is our top priority.

From nature into the

Our skin, is the largest organ of our body with about 1.8 square meters of surface. It absorbs what we put on it. Therefore, it's time for a new way of skin care that fits our inner healthy lifestyle: Clean eating for your skin.

We think of our products holistically, right from the start. From natural formulation to local production and sustainable packaging. From the field to the jar. No synthetic preservatives, no fillers, no palm oil.

From the beginning...

That's me, Nicole Algieri, designer and live in Berlin.
10 years ago, due to my rosacea condition, I went in search of a vegan, palm oil-free skin care with few, yet effective ingredients and without fragrances. The whole with transparent, fair origin.

Not finding anything suitable, I decided to develop my own skin care that would meet my needs. Already during my first trials and tests, I noticed how my skin calmed down, its own self-healing powers were activated and it regained its natural balance.

... to the final product: Transparent.

The desire arose in me to make this principle accessible to others. In cooperation with pharmacists, I continued to refine my formulas. In the process, I discovered local family businesses in Germany as well as sustainable projects in Africa, which I was able to inspire for my vision and win over as suppliers.

We at the 1KOMMA8 family are convinced that the effectiveness of a product depends on the quality and freshness of the individual ingredients and on the care and transparency with which they are produced. This is what makes 1KOMMA8 products so unique and so effective.

How we work

With 1 KOMMA 8, dermatologically sound research meets natural and fresh ingredients. Compatible for your skin and for the environment. Our principles are:

Icon Tested

Checked and Tested

We have our products tested and dermatologically tested.

Icon sea

Ocean Friendly

We pack in amber glass. It does not pollute the sea with microplastic particles

Icon Germany

Made in Germany

We design in Berlin and have production in Germany

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Fresh and natural

We work fresh in small batches to reduce preservatives

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Local & Fair

We focus on European raw materials produced under fair conditions

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Direct import

For non-European raw materials, we establish transparent partnerships